WinRM and HTTPs - What happens when certs die

September 13, 2016 FoxDeploy

Further diving into what happens with WinRM when certs expire Continue Reading...

Coming to Ignite? Come to my session!

August 14, 2016 FoxDeploy

I talk about my upcoming Microsoft Ignite session for Ignite 2016 Continue Reading...

Safely storing credentials and other things with PowerShell

July 14, 2016 FoxDeploy

This post is about a technique I use in my PowerShell modules on Github to safely store credentials, and things like REST Credentials.  This is something I've had on my blogging 'To-Do' list in OneNote for a while now, so it feels nice to get it written out. Continue Reading...

Enabling PowerShell Event Logging

July 12, 2016 FoxDeploy

For one of my customers, we tried to enable PowerShell Module logging for 'Over the shoulder' event logging of all PowerShell commands.  We were doing this and enabling WinRM with HTTPs to help secure the company as we looked to extend the capabilities of PowerShell Remoting throughout the environment.  However, when we tried to enable the Group Policy Setting, it was missing in the GPMC! In this post, we'll walk through why you might want to do this, and what to do if you don't see the settings for PowerShell Module Logging. Continue Reading...

SCCM 1606 Cloud Proxy Guide

June 28, 2016 FoxDeploy

This post is about the Cloud Proxy feature, which was included with Tech Preview 1606 of SCCM Current Branch. While featured in the Tech Preview for 1606, Cloud Proxy was not included with the production release of SCCM 1606, which shipped on July 22, 2016. Continue Reading...

SCCM 1602 nightmare upgrade

June 25, 2016 FoxDeploy

This week, we had a scary ConfigMgr 1602 upgrade. Of course, as a consultant you have to be cool like a fighter pilot in the face of adversity, as crying is generally frowned upon by customers when they see your hourly rate.  So when everything falls over, and there are spiders coming out of the air conditioner, you say 'hmm, that's strange' and then whip out your laptop to begin opening log files like a fiend... Continue Reading...

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