Passing variables from PowerShell to Bash in Azure Devops

June 16, 2024 FoxDeploy

Have you ever needed to do complex automation in Azure Devops? Like retrieving a token for one service and handing it off to subsequent commands to use? Then you might have been puzzled about the correct syntax to use. In this post, I'll give you a working example of how the syntax should be used to hand variables between bash and PowerShell tasks in Azure Devops Continue Reading...

Troubleshooting common problems in Azure Devops

May 09, 2024 FoxDeploy

I love orchestration and automation, believe me I do. But there is just something about understanding the vagaries and internal inconsistencies of these products that could break a lesser System Admin or Devops guru. Continue Reading...

How to query your Azure Devops Pipelines, using PowerShell

May 08, 2024 FoxDeploy

In the digital realm of Azure DevOps, where pipelines flow as endlessly as the rivers of the fabled Babylon, we find ourselves in need of a divine intervention. Continue Reading...

How to perform actions in Azure, in your Azure Devops Pipelines, without using Saved Passwords

May 07, 2024 FoxDeploy

Using saved passwords in Azure Devops Pipelines is sooooo 2023. The new hotness is using Azure Workload Id Federation. It only took me 27 tries to get it right, and you can learn to do it from me correctly the first time. Continue Reading...

Solving internet connectivity drop with Game Pass on Windows 10 PCs

March 14, 2024 FoxDeploy

Thought I'd share my findings here with this irritating problem which ended up breaking my outbound web traffic on my gaming pc, forcing me to restart regularly. Continue Reading...

Got messy Ifs? Guard Clauses to the Rescue!

July 02, 2021 FoxDeploy

Revisiting PowerShell after mostly writing nothing but c# for years, I'm finding lots of useful programming practices can make my code easier to read. In this post, we'll talk about guard clauses and how they can make your code easier to read! Continue Reading...

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