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I know this is mostly a tech blog, but I am a person with lots of interests outside of PowerShell and tech.

Here, I’ll keep a list of what books I’m reading now, a link to them if you want to get them, and mini reviews of them. If you have a recommendation for me, I’d love to hear it too, so hit me up in the comments and let’s get nerdy.

Nexus – by Ramez Naam

Set in 2035, technology has grown by leaps and bounds, and a popular designer drug emerges, named Nexus. It allows it’s users to run software in their minds, experience another person’s memories, and even share emotions.

People flock to take this drug, which creates a flurry of new laws aimed at making persons who take such drugs no longer persons, removing their constitutional rights. It’s a battle between old and new, as humanity ascends beyond a solitary experience, and become something trans-human, something post-human entirely.

Ramez Naam worked at Microsoft for years in their research and product team. He understands the face of the future, and his world vibrantly lives on the page, full of sights and sounds, humid weather, thunderstorms and ferocious city leveling hurricanes caused by unchecked climate change.

Mostly, I want Nexus to exist today so that I can take it.

He is close personal friends with the author of the next book I’ll recommend, and you can tell they’ve brain stormed together, reading their books.

Avogadro Corp – by William Hertling

An over-pressured dev at this fictional Google-like company is putting the finishing touches on his e-mail auto response project…when he realizes that it might work TOO well.

Rather than worry about figuring out why, he takes a long coffee break and upon his return from lunch, things have changed…a lot!

If you’ve ever been that panicked sysadmin or dev wondering why your program is pegging all CPU cores, consuming all disk, and blackmailing your coworkers into murder, this book will speak to you.

It spawned a much-loved three book series. I was hurting big time when I finished this series. Soo good!

Daemon – Daniel Suarez

The creator of the worlds most popular video game dies, and suddenly a daemon process kicks off, triggered by the report of the creator’s death.

In game, around the world, a new quest line appears, taking gamers into the real world completeing quests for darknet currency. Eventually, this gives way to a new society.

Sounds hokey but here it is in 2021 and I am rereading it for the third time!

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