After years of blogging about PowerShell, ConfigMgr and Automation, I decided to give it all up and now focus the blog solely on my new love, Dogs.

    Important Puppy Size Update #4

    March 14 DogDeploy

    This was hilarious! The auto-awesome photo from Google Photos now has a mode where it zooms in on a subject in a photo! Well, this time it made Bernie gigantic in this photo! This is basically how it feels to live with him, he's growing visibly over the course of the day!

    Important Puppy Size Update #3

    March 14 DogDeploy

    It's impossible for us both to have our eyes open at the same time! He is maybe getting a little bit bigger.

    Important Bernie Size Update #2

    January 1, 2021 DogDeploy


    Important Bernie Size Update

    January 1, 2021 DogDeploy

    New Years Day, Happy New Years!

    Blinking when the photo is taken!

    December 23, 2020 DogDeploy

    I always blink right during the middle of the photo, now the pup is taking after me as well.

    Christmas Pupper Selfie

    December 19, 2020 DogDeploy

    Nearly Christmas and it's been a minute, time for a pupper selfie!

    Chicken Nugget Theft

    December 08, 2020 DogDeploy

    I took Bernie to go pick up some delicious Chik-fil-a for the fam. I had him in the front seat with me and...well I'm not sure what I expected.
    Goodbye nuggets!

    Christmas Sweaters and Christmas Pups!

    December 03, 2020 DogDeploy

    He's finally big enough that I'm not sleeping next to his crate. I may have said it'd be one night only.
    More like one month only!

    Gobble-Jog with the Puppy-dog

    November 27, 2020 DogDeploy
    As an active kid I always wanted to go jogging with my family. But no takers :(
    Now, I'm the adult though and I can make it happen, so for the first time ever, we did a post-Thanksgiving family jog
    And it went super well! Lindsey walked the pup while Catherine, Eli and I jogged, it was really lovely :)

    Dapper in a bow-tie

    November 07, 2020 DogDeploy

    It has happened, my dog has more swagger than me!

    Pumpkins and Puppers

    October 31, 2020 DogDeploy

    We took Bernie to go get a pumpkin. He had a really great time and so did we. He whined quite a bit last night (we're crating him in our room), so I put down a sleeping bag and slept with my hand in his crate.
    This was a one-night only thing!

    Introducing Bernard Oliver Owen

    October 30, 2020 DogDeploy

    After months and months of making our house puppy proof, we finally met @WifeDeploy's standards and got the go-ahead to get a doggie!
    This is our little golden-doodler, Bernie.
    He shouldn't get too big.

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