Part V - Building Responsive PowerShell Apps with Progress bars

May 17, 2016 FoxDeploy

In this post we'll be covering how to implement progress bars in your own application, and how to multi-thread your PowerShell applications so they don't hang when background operations take place. The goal here is to ensure that our applications DON'T lock up when the users click anything. Continue Reading...

Planning for SCCM Current Branch

May 10, 2016 FoxDeploy

This is mostly an info dump of what we know and what we suspect about how Current Branch will play out for SCCM.  This plan is currently in place for a number of my customers, including some big enterprise customers. It's how I'm doing it, but I will admit that I don't have any secret info here (nothing NDA breaking :0 here). Continue Reading...

SCCM - USMT on Windows 10 'too many files for sharing'

May 05, 2016 FoxDeploy

Solving an odd USMT issue... Continue Reading...

SCCM Reporting - Can't save a report

April 14, 2016 FoxDeploy

Ever run into this issue where you can’t save a report you’re editing in the report builder?


“Failed to save report (report server URL).  The sortExpression Expression for the grouping refers to the field ‘ProductName’ Report item expressions can only refer to fields within the current dataset scope’

This is a REALLY irritating one.  It happens when you edit a copy of one of the in-box SCCM reports and change the columns being returned.  Without us knowing it, there are a lot of settings customized that allow us to click on the top of each column to sort the rows based on our preferences.

Continue Reading...

Building Better PowerShell Dashboards

April 11, 2016 FoxDeploy

This post guides you through making cool HTML Dashboard directly with PowerShell Continue Reading...

SCOM: Quickly find Update Rollup Version

April 06, 2016 FoxDeploy

It’s SO tedious to track down the update rollup version of SCOM, as the SCOM console still doesn’t have this information available (only major releases!), so you end up looking through the registry or digging into files trying to look at the file version manually.

I wrote this little script in PowerShell. Simply CD into the drive where SCOM is installed and it will track down the SCOM install directory for you, then pull out the Update rollup version and return it to screen.


Continue Reading...

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