Part I : Building an AD Domain Testlab with DSC

March 20, 2015 FoxDeploy

Learning DSC Series

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Orchestrator and PowerShell - Solved: the execution of scripts is disabled on this system

March 06, 2015 FoxDeploy

System Center Orchestrator (formerly Opalis Orchestrator) is a wonderful tool for automating heavy lifting in your environment, like managing Exchange server Windows Updates, while respecting DAGs, or other situations with repetitive tasks that can take a lot of manual labor, so long as the logic for responding to particular circumstances are well understood.

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Solved: Getting a user's Distribution Group Memberships

February 27, 2015 FoxDeploy

It’s surprisingly hard to get back a listing of all of a particular user’s Exchange Distribution Group Memberships. The strange thing about this is that you can very easily get a list of all of a user’s AD Security Groups using

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Migrating to your own account - things that will suck and how to avoid them

February 20, 2015 FoxDeploy

I’ve recently been in the process of migrating my blog off of hosting to my own account.  I tried a few things, a number of which did not work well, and I hope to help you avoid them if you try the same thing too.

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Is your SCCM SQL stuck in Evaluation mode? Don't despair!

February 12, 2015 FoxDeploy

Have you ever wondered what happens when you install SCCM 2012 or 2007 on top of SQL and choose ‘Evaluation mode’, then forget to enter the SQL key?

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Automatically Delete old IIS logs w/ PowerShell

February 11, 2015 FoxDeploy

I’ve seen one too many servers hobbled by a run-away IIS installation. By default, if IIS is enabled and allowed to store its log files, it’s only a matter of time before it consumes every scrap of space on the C:\, leaving no room even for a user profile to be created! When this happens, no one can log onto the machine who hasn’t already stored their profile before. It’s sad. It’s so sad, it even has a frowny face on Server 2012 systems.

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