Quest Migration Manager : 'Resolving QMM No Matching was found'

August 22, 2014 FoxDeploy

If in Baretail (or your log file of choice) you see something similar to the following when attempting to Switch a mailbox.

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PowerShell: Reapply ACLs Based on Folder Name

August 22, 2014 FoxDeploy

Recently in a project, we needed a way to reapply ACLs to user’s roaming profile / home folder directories on a file share.

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My most useful 8 liner yet

August 20, 2014 FoxDeploy

In my line of work, I’m constantly copying and pasting from e-mails, SharePoint, into PowerShell to do some meaningful work.  This means all day long I’m setting variables equal to paste, then removing blank entries, and then splitting them (because people never say ‘please migrate these computers’ and provide a list like $computers=”compA”,”compB”,”compC”.

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Using Try Catch to get Better Output in your Functions and Tables

August 19, 2014 FoxDeploy

Recently at a client, we have a situation arise in which we needed to verify which Domain a number of PCs were joined to.

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Thank you ScriptingWife!

August 07, 2014 FoxDeploy

When I heard that Don Jones brought a few thousand copies of The DSC Book, which I contributed to, as give-aways for this year’s PowerShell summit,  I was ecstatic to be printed!  And I really wanted to have a copy of the book.  Unfortunately, they ran out very quickly, and Don informed me that we had no more available.

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Quick Fix : Registry key to disable Hardware Graphic acceleration for Office

July 22, 2014 FoxDeploy

Hope this helps guys!

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