Joining Microsoft

May 18, 2020 FoxDeploy

I have really loved these last three years with #BigBank #SpoilersItWasWellsFargoAllAlong and made some great friends and had some awesome experiences creating and sharing sessions at MMS with my friends I made along the way. Continue Reading...

Progressive Automation Pt II - PowerShell GUIs

May 08, 2020 FoxDeploy

In our previous post in the series, we took a manual task and converted it into a script, but our users could only interface with it by ugly manual manipulation of a spreadsheet. So in this post, I'll show how I would typically go about building a PowerShell WPF GUI from an existing automation that kind of works OK. Continue Reading...

Quick Guide - Setting up Remote Management of your child's PC

March 18, 2020 FoxDeploy

With everyone working remote now, it's really helpful to have a method to remote control your kid's computers, _especially_ if they are hard to keep on task like mine. So I wrote this short guide to help you get a handle. **This guide expects you to have two computers, one for you, one for your kids to use.** Continue Reading...

YouTube Video Metadata Scraping with PowerShell

January 21, 2020 FoxDeploy

I ❤ YouTube, I watch it all the time. But I have recently heard that YouTube's comment recommendation engine might carry kids from gentle content and into content I might find objectionable for our family. In this Post, we dig into the a few source videos and use the YouTube API to see what kinds of videos really are shown Continue Reading...

ConfigMgr Tech Preview Install Guide

October 25, 2019 FoxDeploy

After seeing Adam Gross' very interesting content on his 'CM TechPreview's new AdminService Guide', I immediately started to wonder how I could go about using it in place of remote WMI Operations. One problem? I abandoned my CM install and now things were looking...pretty bleak. This guide will run you through a quick end-to-end deploy of CM Tech previews! Continue Reading...

Progressive Automation: Part I

September 10, 2019 FoxDeploy

In this series, I thought it'd be fun to walk through the common phases of an automation initiative and specifically show how I love to handle this sort of situation when it arises today. We'll walk through recognizing a good opportunity to move a manual task to automation covering these three main steps, over the next few posts here Continue Reading...

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