SQL Code for SCCM Status Message Viewer

September 06, 2013 FoxDeploy

I found myself juggling many different Status Message views in SCCM to try to keep on top of various messages that would arise in one environment.  So I did what anyone would do, and through liberal code-reuse and copy pasting, I reinvented the wheel, to get back that SMS 2003 Status Message viewer, which was missing from CM 2007 for some reason Continue Reading...

Hyper-V, fixing moved VHD files

September 04, 2013 FoxDeploy

Here is a scenario for you: some lowly admin thinks he will free up space by moving a VHD file, or perhaps you add more storage to your home test lab, and move your VHD files to the new drive.  If you tried this operation while the VM is running, the file copy will fail. If you try this on saved or shut down VMs, you can definitely move the virtual hard drive (.vhdx file) which will cause the VM associated with it to rather predictably fail when powered on, as seen below. Continue Reading...

Resolving 'No Programs available from a Terminal Services Session'

September 03, 2013 FoxDeploy

Another SCCM post here.  You've probably been in this scenario before:  You have a user complaining that an advertisement doesn't work from his/her computer and they are being vague about it.  Typically, we would dive in with SCCM Client Center or read the logs (or status messages from a program, more on that in a bit) to determine what went wrong.   Continue Reading...

PowerShell - getting Remote network adapters

August 30, 2013 FoxDeploy

How to work with Remote Network Adapters in PowerShell! Continue Reading...

SCCM Resolving Error 620 'The Delete Statement Conflicted with the Reference Constraint…'

August 27, 2013 FoxDeploy

Ah yes, who doesn't love these pretty red icons.  Like little Christmas ornaments.  Anyway, if you're like me, you want an all-green and all-happy SCCM Summary page, and not just because you have a scheduled task or Status Filter to reset counts every thirty minutes.  (If you're doing this, consider yourself admonished!). So, why does this happen and what does 'The DELETE statement conflicted with the REFERENCE constraint' mean?  We're not DBAs you know! Continue Reading...

SCCM SQL Reporting code "Computers with one of many installed apps"

August 26, 2013 FoxDeploy

Today at a Client, the need arose to create a report which would list computers that have any of two applications installed.  The principles used could easily be modified to fit a much larger list of applications, if the need arises. Continue Reading...

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