Solving SCCM Error ID 682, authentication key did not match

October 07, 2013 FoxDeploy

I ran into an issue at a client in which dozens of systems were not replicating their PKI key data up the hierarchy, thus causing the Central site to trigger critical alerts while processing the Data Discovery, Software Inventory and Hardware inventory records from these clients every night.  This bugged me, and I wanted an easy way to track down these systems.

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SOLVED : Error while importing Microsoft Deployment Toolkit Task Sequence

October 02, 2013 FoxDeploy

From time to time, you may need to make a new WIM file in SCCM with MDT integration, and run into this nasty error message.

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Differences in WinPE Versions

October 02, 2013 FoxDeploy

I ran into an issue at a client in which the person who setup their SCCM infrastructure left and I needed to determine which version of WinPE we using for our Task Sequence.

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What's going on with the Windows Network Connection Status Icon?

September 26, 2013 FoxDeploy

Ever wonder what the Windows Network Connection icon means in your status bar? Read on to find out! Continue Reading...

Sharing files with a Non Hyper-V R2 VM

September 23, 2013 FoxDeploy

Recently I got sick of constantly having to break my scripts down into 512 character chunks to copy and paste into VMs (here is a great work-around if you want to increase the amount ) I decided to come up with a–what I feel– is clever work-around to this problem.

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Server 2012 : Fixing 'Online - Access Denied'

September 23, 2013 FoxDeploy

Just a reminder, if you add a server to server manager and are getting ‘Online - Access Denied’, make sure that you’ve set the ‘Manage As’ credentials!  

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