Faster: ConfigMgr Collection Manipulation Speed Test

July 18, 2018 FoxDeploy

Recently at work, we had a task come up which saw us needing to move tens of thousands of devices between collections in CM. We decided to run some tests to find the fastest way! We compared a lot of options, from using old CM cmdlets to new preview cmdlet versions and even making our own direct WMI Manipulation cmdlets. Finally, we tried just directly inserting them into collections via direct Collection manipulation in SQL which is totally unsupported. Which method one the day? Resad to find out! Continue Reading...

ClientFaux - the fastest way to fill ConfigMgr with Clients

June 08, 2018 FoxDeploy

Recently at work, we were debating the best way to handle mass collection moves in ConfigMgr.  We’re talking moving 10,000 or more SCCM devices a day into Configuration Manager collections.

To find out, I installed CM in my beastly Altaro VM Testlab (the build of which we covered here), and then wondered…

how the heck will I get enough clients in CM to test in the first place?

Methods we could use to populate CM with Clients

Continue Reading...

Hard to test cases in Pester

May 24, 2018 FoxDeploy

Recently at work I have finally seen the light and begun adding Pester tests to my modules.  Why is this a recent thing, you may ask?  After all, I was at PowerShell Summit and heard the good word about it from Dave Wyatt himself way back in 2015, I’ve had years to start doing this.

Honestly, I didn’t get it…

To tell the truth, I didn’t understand the purpose of Pester. I always thought ‘Why do I need to test my code? I know it works if it accomplishes the job it’s supposed to do’.

For instance, I understood that Pester was a part of test-driven development, a paradigm in which you start by writing tests before you write any code.  You’d write a ‘It should make a box’ test and wire it up before you actually wrote the New-Box function.  But I was only looking at the outside of my code, or where it integrates into the environment.  In truth, all of the tests I wrote earlier on were actually integration tests.

See, Pester is a Unit Driven Test Framework.  It’s meant to test the internal logic of your code, so that you can develop with certainty that new features to your function don’t break your cmdlet.

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Faster Web Cmdlet Design with Chrome 65

April 02, 2018 FoxDeploy

If you've been following my blog for a while, you know that I LOVE making PowerShell cmdlets, especially ones that consume an API or scrape a web site. However when it comes to tools that peruse the web, this can get a bit tricky, especially if a site doesn't publish an API because then you're stuck parsing HTML or loading and manipulating an invisible `Internet Explorer -COMObject` __barfs in Japanese_._  And even this terrible approach is closed to us if the site uses AJAX or dynamically loads content. Continue Reading...

Making an Azure Function Reddit Bot

January 09, 2018 FoxDeploy

Around the time I was celebrating my 100th post, I made a big to-do about opening my own subreddit at /r/FoxDeploy. I had great intentions, I would help people in an easier to read format than here in the comments...but then, I just kind of, you know, forgot to check the sub for four months. But no longer!  I decided to solve this problem with the only tool I know...code. Continue Reading...

Backing up your Testlab with Altaro VM Backup

November 13, 2017 FoxDeploy

Sponsored post. This post shows off my shiney new home testlab specced to the gills with ridiculous hardware and walks you through configuring automatic hyper-v backup using Altaro, who sponsored this post. Continue Reading...

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