PowerShell - Testing endpoints that perform Anti-forgery verification

May 29, 2019 FoxDeploy

Recently at work, we had a long list of web pages which we had to test by hand to be sure they responded after a deployment. This was the big no bueno, because no one wants to spend that kind of time! Continue Reading...

ClientFaux 2.0 - Completely re-written, faster than ever

May 08, 2019 FoxDeploy

As mentioned on the stage at MMSMOA 2018, ClientFaux 2.0 is now available.  Completely re-written with as a WPF GUI with automated certificate generation, multi-threading, and all the bells and whistles. Oh, and Hardware inventory now works! Continue Reading...

Quickie: ConvertTo-PSCustomObject

March 14, 2019 FoxDeploy

Do you ever need to quickly hop between PowerShell tabs in VScode, or have data you want to move from one session to another? Sure, you _could_ output your data into a .CSV file, a .JSon file, or one of hundreds of other options.  But sometimes it's nice to just paste right into a new window and get up and running again.  Continue Reading...

Life after Write-Debug

February 07, 2019 FoxDeploy

Hey y'all.  I need to come clean. I am a bad debugger. Why?  Because until recently, I was notorious for leaving Write-Debug statements everywhere.  I mean, just take a look at my local git folder. Continue Reading...

Quickie - Join video files with PowerShell and FFMPEG

October 29, 2018 FoxDeploy

While I'm working on some longer posts, I thought I'd share a quick snippet I came up with this weekend as I was backing up a number of old DVDs of family movies. FFMPeg has the awesome ability to join a number of video files together for you, but the syntax can be kind of strange.  Once I learned the syntax, I sought to make sure I never had to do it again, and created this cmdlet. Continue Reading...

Excursion: Model View Controller Programming - Part I

October 11, 2018 FoxDeploy

The header graphic, titled - Excursion Model View Controllers. Subtitle: getting side-tracked in the land of dotnet. Pictures a single adventurer from far away, bundled up against the cold, trekking up the side of a snowy mountain

Continue Reading...

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