Backing up your Testlab with Altaro VM Backup

November 13, 2017 FoxDeploy

Sponsored post. This post shows off my shiney new home testlab specced to the gills with ridiculous hardware and walks you through configuring automatic hyper-v backup using Altaro, who sponsored this post. Continue Reading...

Glorious PowerShell Dashboards

November 06, 2017 FoxDeploy

I've covered the topic of dashboards on this blog a few times before, from layering CSS on PowerShell's built-in HTML capabilities, to hacking together HTML 5 templates with PowerShell, as the hunt continues for the next great thing in PowerShell reporting. Guys, the hunt is OVER!  Time to ascend to the next level in reporting... It's the motherlode!  Adam Driscoll's AWESOME PowerShell Universal Dashboard, a gorgeous and dead-simple dashboard tool which makes it super easy to retrieve values from your environment and spin them into adaptive, animated dashboards full of sexy transitions and colors.  Continue Reading...

Ignite, decompressed

October 09, 2017 FoxDeploy

Ignite Orlando WAS AWESOME! In this post, I'll give you some of my fun memories and commentary about the event, and then end with a bunch of the best videos from Microsoft Ignite 2017. Continue Reading...

At Microsoft Ignite? Come find me!

September 26, 2017 FoxDeploy

I'm speaking at Microsoft Ignite again this year (2017)!  Come find me at the PowerShell Community Meetup and the Intro to PowerShell sessions to talk code, scripting, OSD, automation or beer! Continue Reading...

Use PowerShell to take automated screencaps

September 10, 2017 FoxDeploy

I saw a post on Reddit a few days ago, in which a poster took regular screenshots of weather radar and used that to make a gif tracking the spread of Hurricane Irma.  I thought it was neat, and then read a comment asking how this was done. IT-WAS-MANUAL! Continue Reading...

QuickStart PowerShell on Red Hat

August 16, 2017 FoxDeploy

In this post, I'll walk you through installing PowerShell on a RHEL 7 machine, assuming you are running a RHEL 7.4 VM on Hyper-V. There are a couple stumbling blocks you might run into, and I know, because I ran into ALL of them. Continue Reading...

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