Download all the PowerShell summit videos...with PowerShell

Published October 16, 2014 by FoxDeploy

This is just a rehash of a previous post of using YoutubeDL to parse playlists and download stuff, but here is doing it to download the European PowerShell Summit Videos.

$url = "\_"

$playlisturl = $url

$VideoUrls= (invoke-WebRequest -uri $Playlisturl).Links | ? {$\_.HREF -like "/watch\*"} | \` ? innerText -notmatch ".\[0-9\]:\[0-9\]." | ? {$\_.innerText.Length -gt 3} | Select innerText, \` @{Name="URL";Expression={'' + $\_.href}} | ? innerText -notlike "\*Play all\*" | ? innerText -notlike "\*Play\*"

ForEach ($video in $VideoUrls){ Write-Host ("Downloading " + $video.innerText) .\\youtube-dl.exe $video.URL } 

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